4 Tips to Design Small Living Spaces in South Florida

Small living spaces are a pain to decorate. There’s always the possibility of overestimating the things you need and the tendency of underestimating the actual space you have. But, don’t fret, there’s a way to work out the little room you’ve got. Check out these handy tips on how you can fit everything in your South Florida home and still make it seem like you have room for more:

  1. Good lighting is your best friend.

Fill the room with light! Don’t rely on a single light source in the center of the room. Rooms look better when there’s ample lighting all around. Make sure the room has multiple light sources, including natural light. When the light spreads around the area, it makes the rooms look more spacious. You can even utilize the vertical space in your area by varying the length and sizes of the light fixtures attached to your ceiling. This technique is going to make your room look so much more spacious than it really is. You’ll even get to do away with those heavy drapes.

  1. Clean up your clutter and organize it.

A small space doesn’t need unnecessary objects piling up on its floors and table tops. The best way to get rid of clutter? Stowing all your clutter away in strategic shelves and storage units you can hide away. You can also opt for donating some of the items you no longer use.

Pick up all the mess on the floor and everywhere else. Next, declutter. Arrange your items in boxes with labels like ‘throw away,’ keep,’ or ‘give away.’ If you’re having trouble letting go of an item, ask yourself ‘Will I use this anytime within the week or the next month?” If the answer is ‘No,’ you’ll most likely have to place it in the give or away pile.

  1. Mirrors, artwork, and plants can accentuate the overall look of your room.

Mirrors manipulate depth perception. This means mirrors can be used to trick the eyes making the room seem bigger than it really is. You can make use of this trick to visually expand a single room or the whole space. Ceiling-height plants create the same kind of effect too. These plants, together with floor-length mirrors, will draw attention to the ceiling and the room as a whole. If you have some artwork you want to showcase, place them above the average line of focus. This manipulates the vertical space of the room.

  1. Make use of furniture that have little compartments or multi-functional ones.

Multi-functional furniture has to be one of the greatest inventions of all time. Imagine having a sofa with drawers underneath that you can turn into a bed anytime. Or maybe a coffee table that can house an armchair and a side table. There’s even an ironing board that doubles as a mirror when you fold it up. How cool is that? Multi-functional furniture are a small space’s best friend. They are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they’re also functional.


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