South Florida Real Estate is Investment That’s Worth It

People know South Florida as a great party county, but it has other advantageous factors which makes it a go-to location for savvy investors. South Florida is located in the US’ southeastern area. It is referred to as the Tri-County or the Miami Metro area. South Florida is composed of three counties mainly Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach. These three counties are densely inhabited, with Palm Beach as the smallest. Miami is the biggest city in the area. To date, South Florida’s population totals roughly over 5 million.

South Florida Key Facts

The climate in this area is of the tropical kind—wet and dry. There are also spots which are influenced by damp subtropical climates. Hurricane and set seasons turn up simultaneously due to the area’s location.

In terms of education, South Florida offers one of the best in the state. The area has the Miami-Dade County Public Schools district which comes with its own designated school board. The Superintendent of Schools is primarily responsible for managing the everyday tasks of the school system. There are other school systems in operation as well—the Broward County Public Schools and the School District of Palm Beach County. Meanwhile, higher education is offered by a number of excellent universities and colleges in the area like Florida National University, the University of Miami and the Broward Community College.

South Florida has three airports—the Miami International Airport, the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport and the Palm Beach International Airport. For local transportation, the area offers the Metro rail system which spans throughout 22 stations. In addition, the area has five interstate highways which assist the location to sustain excellent assembly with other locations.

The area presents a thriving economy. It now has a good number of public companies with constantly successful operations. The companies offer the most job openings in the area. Roughly a hundred public companies are operating in the area together with 200 private ones. South Florida has lots of companies included in the US’ Fortune 500 list.

An Excellent Real Estate Investment

The area’s real estate is included in the most flourishing in the entire state. Its excellent numbers are not only attributed to the great rise of job opportunities, but the boom is also influenced by the higher rate of external businesses now operating in the location. There is a nice range of real estate that people can check out in the area from residential units, condominiums down to land.

There are currently more than 110,000 properties available in the area. The amount of foreclosures happening in South Florida is high, and it offers owners and investors chances to acquire one. Recent studies show that Broward country was listed second in the country’s foreclosure percentage while Miami-Dade was listed in the fourth position. Palm Beach, in turn, was listed 13th.

If you want to make excellent real estate decisions, now is the time to check out what South Florida has to offer. The area has what it takes for residents to thrive in today’s difficult times—great job opportunities, excellent schooling systems, great weather and prime real estate.



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